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Preventative Maintenance


Preventative Maintenance

Changing filters, monitoring refrigeration levels, checking voltages, checking worn or dated parts, and observing HVAC functionalities to ensure your system is running at peak efficiency. Whether you have a replacement, or if you are looking for maintenance only, make sure you add your customized preventative maintenance package today to prevent a system failure.

Having a service contract in place will ensure that your unit is in working order and maintained regularly. Normal upkeep and maintenance will assure you of a working, efficient system, that has been maintained according to manufacturer's guidelines.

Our skilled technicians will clean and inspect your unit every six months with special attention to worn or dated parts. A life expectancy profile will also be developed letting you know when a new system will be required. 24 hour response means 24 hour confidence that your climate control system is running at peak efficiency.
Preventative Maintenance in Sarasota, FL area from Premium Air Solutions

Additional Benefits of Having a Service Contract

As part of having a service contract with Premium Air Solutions, you will receive a number of benefits aside from regular inspections. You will get access to the following:
  • 20% labor
  • 20% off parts
  • Free bi-annual maintenance and cleaning
  • Discounted new parts

Peace of Mind For Just $195 Annually

We will clean your unit twice. An inspection of your entire system will allow us to give an honest life expectancy evaluation. Should you wish to update your system while under the protection of our service agreement, you will receive additional discounts that can be used in addition to federal rebates and local utility company incentives.