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Installations: Repair vs. Replacement

There may come a time when you have problems with your HVAC system and have to decide if you should replace the system or have it repaired. This can be a difficult decision, so we are offering a few tips to help you out.

Consider System Replacement If:

  • The current system is old and not energy efficient. Newer systems are now manufactured to very high standards, and will almost always result in lower energy bills when compared to older systems. Also, with a new system, you will have the advantage of a new warranty which can cover future problems, often without money coming out of your pocket.
  • If the repairs will cost as much as (or close to) a new system, go ahead and consider replacing the old system.
  • If you have added on to your home, your old system may not be strong enough to heat or cool the whole home now. You may need to inspect your duct work as well to ensure that it is not leaking or that it is not routed incorrectly.

Keep in mind that a new high-efficiency HVAC unit may reduce your energy bill by as much as 50%. Sealing or repairing duct work can also save you as much as 25%, depending on how much heat or cool air it was losing.

Consider System Repair If:

  • Your home or business is old and the structure itself may not last for much longer.
  • There are federal, state, or local incentives that will help pay a substantial part of the repair cost.
  • You do not intend to stay in the home or business place for much longer.
  • You are planning a major addition to the home or business place in the future that will significantly increase the total square footage.
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Remember, There Are Big Advantages To a New System

A new HVAC system will bring more comfort to your home or business in both summer and winter seasons. It will heat or cool more evenly throughout the structure and do so at less cost to you. A new system can also help to reduce humidity levels often found in homes and businesses that leave areas feeling “damp”. Your new system will run efficiently, coming on when it needs to and shutting off when it needs to.

In addition, your new HVAC system will be far more reliable. With a new system, you will have fewer (if any) mechanical problems, and if you do, your new warranty will probably cover the cost. Reliability is crucial during those extremely hot or extremely cold months when you must protect your family from these extremes.

Your new system will run much quieter, and this includes components that are on the inside of the home (air handlers) as well as the outside unit. Lastly, your new unit will be better for the environment. As you save money on your energy bills, less fuel is used to run your system. This means less CO2 going into the atmosphere. And that is a good thing!